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ACED Ergonomic Design Award was established to promote ergonomic design of Asian products.

The award is presented to encourage ergonomic and user-centered design approach in product design and development. The objective of ACED Design Award is to promote academic and technological advancement of ergonomics and encourage application of ergonomic design principles to wider population in Asia.
ACED Ergonomic Design Award entries will be assessed by juries from the ACED Council. ACED council is the governing body of the ACED representing the ergonomic societies of 17 Asian countries. Therefore, receiving ACED design award will be considered as receiving a product design award for each participating ergonomic societies of Asian countries.

Award ceremony will be held at the conference banquet of the 2nd ACED conference in Tokyo, Japan. In addition to the trophies and certificates by ACED president, all award recipients will be provided an exhibition space at ACED exhibition and a spot in the special session for ACED design award. All award recipients will also receive one complimentary registration for the 2nd ACED conference in Tokyo, Jthe conference apan.

For further details of the ACED conference, please visit web site 

About The 1st ACED Design Awards

▶ Entry Area

The ACED design award is open for commercial products purchasable in any market in Asia. Product prototypes, test products, products that is not distributed to the mass market in Asia are not eligible for award. For issues related to product liability, ACED design award and ACED council will not be responsible for any matters other than the award itself. For details, please contact the award chair.

▶ Award Review

(1) Candidate product selection by ACED committee. (March, 2017)
       - Only the application material will be reviewed.
(2) Award selection by ACED committee. (April, 2017)
       - Offline PPT presentation using the presentation material (no presenter needed)

▶ Contact

Mr.   Joong Hee Lee           Secretary,  ACED design award

Prof. Myung Hwan Yun        Chair,       ACED design award

ACED Design Award Office / Human Interface Laboratory at Seoul National University

Deartment of Industrial Engineering, Seoul National University

1 Gwanak-ro, Gwanak-gu, Seoul, South Korea

+82-2-885-1403 voice, +82-2-889-8560 fax,,  Mr. Joong Hee Lee

+82-2-880-1403 voice, +82-2-889-8560 fax,,      Prof. Myung Hwan Yun

Award Category (tentative)

 A. Grand Prix : 1~2 products
 B. Junior Grand Prix : 1~2 products
 C. Best of Best : 1~5 products
 D, Best Innovation : 1~5 products

※ Each award recipient will receive 
–    One award certificate by ACED president
–    One trophy
–    One unit of exhibition space at ACED conference
–    One complimentary registration for ACED conference and banquet
–    a 15 minutes presentation time at the ACED desgn award special session

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